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Kozari Officiating School is a one-of-a-kind develpoment and exposure camp to aspiring professional ice hockey officials. The students and staff at our school are responsible for the on and off ice officiating of the IDT (Internatinoal Development Tournament) of the wolrd renowned Okanagan Hockey School ( Est. 1963). Our motto is 'Marshals of Impartial' and our mandate is to provide a safe, unique, and rewarding experience to all officiating students and their families.

Our camp instructional staff boasts current Full time N.H.L. (National Hockey League)  Referees and Linesman, W.H.L. (Western Hockey League) Officials and Supervisors, as well as Supervisors from Hockey B.C. . Okanagan School of Officiating is also proud to be a leader in Power Skating Instruction for Ice Hockey Officials as well as the first to utilize state of the art technology in our all of our Evaluating, Feedback and Reporting to our students. 

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